Raiders-Coach Stacey Nolan im Interview

Wir haben den Coach der Panaceo Raiders Villach vor dem Playoff Spiel zum Interview gebeten und unter anderem erfahren, welche Rollen die einzelnen Spieler im Team einnehmen.


How you like it in Villach?
My time in Villach has been great! The city is unique in that there is a international Community.

How you like the Club?
We are heading in the right direction while learning what works and not along the Way. So the whole process has been fun even in the hardest times in this year.

What you say to the season until now, are you satisfied?
We had a goal that we wanted to achieve and we have completed the first part of it.

The starting five is old. Is this a favour or not?
If you look across all leagues in the world as far as basketball, teams with experience tend to play well during playoffs. Yes we have a few oldies but they are goodies!

Do you have a leader in your team?
Yes in fact we do! We have guys who lead us in different areas! Gross and Gaidys are our emotional leaders. They tend to be really good in that area on our team. Rhinehart is the Zen Master. He does not speak much, but when he does, we all listen. Carr is our floor General. He is the General leading us to war with the ability to think and handle pressure. Kelley is what every team needs. A steady and experienced veteran! He has seen it all! So he has the ability to perform no matter what is on the line. And he is a great teacher for everyone on our team! So yes we have leaders!

What you say to the austrians and their development on your team?
We would not be where we are if it had not been for the development and play of our Austrian players. Each guy has made improvements in their own way. But overall they are a big reason for our sucess this year!

What is your plan for the next season, you wanna stay?
Of course i would like to stay here in villach. I am a very loyal person and basically i am here for the next few years if the club decides to keep me. If not what we have done here this year will be the foundation to build on for this club to continue having sucess!

Where you see the Raiders in the next three years?
Its possible for this team to be playing first league basketball in three years but it takes more than just a few good players and coaches. We would need the city support 100% as well our fine sponsors we have now but additional ones as well. But the set up is there. Potential is high here with no ceiling!

What is your goal for the playoffs?
One game at a time!

On Saturday there is the second Game against the Mistelbach Mustangs, what you expect?
We have the chance to do something special. It won’t be an easy game! Mistelbach will be ready to play! The team who wants it more and show more heart will win!

What you have learned from the last games?
When we are fully concentrated we have the chance to beat every team in this league!

When you win on Saturday there will wait most likely St.Pölten one of the front runners for the title how you see the chances of your team?
We feel good about that. We all know how we lost the last game against them just because of our stupid mistakes at the end. If we are able to play 40 minutes our game plan we have good chances to win also this series but first we concentrate on Mistelbach!

Coach Nolan, thank you for this interview

You are welcome.